Case Study: Freedom in Motion

I knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to send messages and get responses

Jimmy Davidson - Founder

About the business

Freedom in Motion Gym is a community of coaches and athletes who have dedicated themselves to improving student’s athleticism and movement capability through the power of play and exploration.

They share the joy of parkour with kids, teens, and adults while helping them explore what it truly means to be free.



Entrepreneur and athlete, Jimmy Davidson, is well-known in the fitness industry for his Freedom in Motion (F.i.M) Parkour-based gym. Following his passion, the inspirational 26-year-old launched FiM in 2014, and it now has over two hundred and fifty members, with an average age of 7-12 years.


Davidson comments: “I was fresh out of college, with a passion for Parkour and instinctively knew I wanted to open a gym to teach kids how to do this.  It’s so much more than a place to learn Parkour.  It’s a community of coaches and athletes who are totally dedicated to improving each student’s athleticism and movement capability, through the power of play and exploration.”

Including Davidson, the facility has twelve staff members and has grown rapidly.  His first venture running a business, Davidson initially communicated with staff members using emails and text messages and quickly realized his work/life balance was being impacted; he needed something simple but high-tech for internal communications, to differentiate between personal and business messages, whilst enabling him to communicate instantly with his team via their phones.


“I knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to send messages and get responses that wouldn’t get mixed up with our personal ones. I came across the OurPeople app, a team communication platform aimed at staff that don’t work from a desk, and decided it delivered just what we were looking for. I loved the fact it was easy to use and available on our phones, and installed it two years ago,” he says.

The OurPeople app is set up for four groups within FiM; Davidson and the three Managers, the sales team, the coaching team and a general staff group.


Davidson continues: “The OurPeople app has made a big difference to our internal communications.  We offer a number of courses for students, as well as coaching certification, so there’s a lot going on, and we can have at least ten ‘chats’ taking place within the different groups at any one time.  The OurPeople app means no one gets confused, misses posts or updates.  It’s much quicker and more up to date than using our personal emails and, furthermore, it’s all archivable so we can look back over it, if needed.”

The OurPeople app is also used by the coaches to determine who is available when a member wants to a book a private coaching session, and broadcasts are sent out regularly to specific groups each week, providing staff with general gym info, details of team meetings, new policies and policy reminders or key safety skills.  As Parkour is a visual sport, photos are used often and Davidson plans to upload videos which he can use to train his staff and get feedback to share with his students.


Davidson concludes: “The OurPeople app has made communication simple, quick and easy and is crucial to efficiently running the gym.  Voted the best kids’ gym in Murrieta, we plan on expanding the concept in the near future and the app means we can concentrate on what we do best, helping people explore what it truly means to be free. It enables us to communicate effectively with all members of staff, keeping them up to date, while ensuring business and personal messages on our phones are kept separate.”


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